Congratulations on your purchase of a property in Dubai!

Getting the keys for your property should be the final and most exciting part of your property investment. You will soon be in a position to use, rent or sell your apartment / office / retail unit.

Why use a Power of Attorney?

In most countries, investors will appoint a lawyer for the entire Handover process; however in Dubai this is not the case. Owners are left on their own to complete the whole Handover themselves which is actually quite a complicated and time consuming process.

A Power of Attorney (POA) is “an authorisation to act on your behalf in a business matter.”

For a property Handover your POA will be able to complete every single step; from property inspections, snagging and utility connections through to collection of keys and Title Deeds, the Power of Attorney is an all encompassing service. If you are planning to sell your property or just need to collect your Title Deeds, then Power of Attorney Service is here for you.

Setting up the Power of Attorney document is extremely simple and we will guide you through the process.